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Dorothy Pineda - Statement
Immigration Reform
Pleading the Fifth
What in the World is Happening to our Government
Chino Tea Party Tax Day Rally 2013

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Dorothy Pineda - Statement

     Californias economy is stagnate. We still have too many people out of work. The real unemployment rate is actually more like 13%, because it does not count those who stop looking for work. How can we get people back to work so they can provide for their families?
     If we want more jobs, we need to roll back regulations that do nothing for the environment. The green agenda of AB 32 to fight global warming with cap and trade taxes may make the proponents feel good, but it only gives our state more problems in the long run.

Immigration Reform

     I often wonder why Hispanics feel targeted whenever the words "illegal alien" is used.  For one thing, no one blames them for wanting to come here.  I am an immigrant, and I too worked hard to become a legal resident in this great country. 
     I know that most who come here just want to have a better life for the family.  To work and be able to enjoy some luxuries and raise their children in good schools.  The sad part is how some who come here take advantage of the system that is there to help those who need financial support.

Pleading the Fifth

I can understand a private individual called to testify in a hearing that he or she does not want to be involved in - pleading the Fifth is their right - as long as they are not the one accused or being investigated.  BUT... I believe that a public employee MUST answer questions that concern their duties and responsibilities in public office.  They are a public employee and they ARE accountable.  They should NOT be allowed to take the Fifth as a safety net to be absolved of their duty and responsibility.

What in the World is Happening to our Government


Chino Tea Party Tax Day Rally 2013

April 15, 2013
7 am – 8 am
3770 Grand Ave, Chino (corner Roswell)
In front of McDonald’s Restaurant

5 pm – 7 pm
5375 Walnut Ave, Chino
(cor. Central Avenue)
In front of the Chino Post Office
*** Bring your signs, flags, and patriotic spirit****
Any questions or for more information, please call
Carmen at (909) 731-6101 or Toni at (909) 438-0370


I am wondering why Exxon is even making comments about our education system? 
Have You Seen the Pro-Common Core Commercial Created by Exxon?

Back to Work and Better Than Ever

It took all of six months for me to get over the horrible results of the elections.  It was very traumatic for me because I never thought that this could happen in this country.  One thing is certain, the last election was full of fraud.  The fraud was prevalent nationwide.  They did everything they could to be able to commit fraud in every possible way.  It was disgusting.  If you have not experienced poll watching or poll observing before, you have to take the time to do so.  You will then understand how the fraud was done. 

Dirty Campaigning by Dennis Yates

     I was at the Council Meeting the night Lee called for an investigation into the corruption and conflict of interest that he discovered through public records request. I feel that endorsements by individuals or groups (especially unions) for a candidate, who happens to be their boss, should not allowed.  It is a conflict of interest. Why the Police and the Fire staff feel that they should endorse a candidate, especially someone they are working for or will be working for, is unethical and corrupt.

Las Vegas Hotel Bosses Harassing Workers to Commit Election Fraud

     A friend called me this morning very concerned about Las Vegas. She told me that a close relative who works in Las Vegas as a hairdresser provides service to a lot of hotel workers.  Hotel workers have confided to their hairdresser (at different times of course) that their bosses had been threatening them that they would lose their jobs telling them HOW to vote and WHO to vote for.  These workers were truly afraid and were made to feel like their boss would know who they would vote for.

Norma Torres' Nepotism/Cronyism?

     I think the Democrats have ruled in California waaaaayyyyy too long.  I think it is time for Californians to realize that this state will never fix its problems for as long as the Democrats are in charge.  Just like Obama, they pretend that they have your values, then wham!---they vote for Bills that are totally opposite of what you expected them to vote for.  Here, as a voter who voted for the moron, they should do their research and ask themselves... did this politician represent me the way he campaigned and promised four years ago?

Chino Tea Party Meets Edward Gomez and Family

     Rally today, October 25, 2012, 4:30 pm until dark, corner Central Avenue and Philadelphia Avenue!!!
     This corner is very, very busy and you will meet the busiest rally patriot I ever met!!! Edward Gomez is leading the Hispanic Outreach program - he is appointed and he doesnt even know it yet.
     Last week, we had an apportunity to meet Edward. He is quite a character. You might also meet tall Bill. Edward was walking from corner to corner with signs that express his values for the past month (over a month actually).

Indoctrinated Students - Have No Concept of Real World

     The other day, I received a call from Edward Gomez.  He seemed hesitant at first and asked if we were the Chino Tea Party.  He proceeded to exclaim in happiness that he has been at the intersection of Central Avenue and Philadelphia for about a month now with signs and he has been getting a lot of honks but also a lot of insults and the finger.  I would like to do a video of a rally with Obama signs to see how the conservatives would behave seeing them, then I will video another rally that has Mitt Romney signs.

Endorsements by Public Employee Unions

In all the years that I worked in the private and public sector, I never had the option of interviewing my boss.  Can I look for a job and interview my boss on the basis of whether or not I could get more pay and benefits from him or her?  So, it is amazing for me to read in campaign fliers that this union or that union endorses this or that political candidate.  For me, it is a conflict of interest. 
Such is the case of the Teachers Union endorsing School District candidates, City Council candidates, State Assembly candidates, or the Governor candidate.

Republican's War on Women

     A Republican "War on Women"?  Are they kidding?  Have the liberals become so self-deluded that they canot see the irony in their self-serving slander?  Have they forgotten Mary Jo Kopechne?  Have they forgotten how Ted Kennedy left her to die in his wrecked car?  According to John Farrar, the local fire departments SCUBA diver who discovered her body, "her head was cocked back, her face pressed into the footwell, both hands gripped the front edge of the backseat to hold herself in conformity with its upholstered contours.

Dennis Yates' Campaign Flyer

 I just received Mayor Yates campaign flyer at home.  I read it through and fount the flyer to be a bit deceptive.  How can he claim to be responsible for job creation in Chino?  If over 1,250 businesses came to Chino, how many left or closed down? So, if the businesses produced sales tax that went back to the City, was that because he was responsible?  If Best Buy decided to come to Chino, why would Mayor Yates claim that he is responsible for that?  I wonder how many new businesses opened in Chino with Mayor Yates showing up in the Grand Opening or ribbon-cutting ceremony?

“Fallacious Rhetoric against the Tea Party & the Demise of Civilized Discourse”

September 19, 2011
I. Slander against the Tea Party
At the time of this writing, the current U.S. national debt is $14,699,021,631,213.05[1]. The nonpartisan CBO recently noted, “The $1.3 trillion budget deficit […] for 2011 will be the third-largest shortfall in the past 65 years (exceeded only by the deficits of the preceding two years).”[2]With a startling lack of transparency, trillions of government dollars have been spent to bail out and support the financial institutions that recklessly wreaked havoc upon the U.

“The President of Non-Specifics”

Write your post here.

Chicago Style Politics

Well, Chicago-style politics is not much different from our City of Chino. 
When there is an opportunity to educate and inform the community, it seems like the very people who would welcome this opportunity are MIA. 
I expected a response.  A short worded response from an elected official of our community would have been nice.  Instead I am met with silence.  If you ask me, that is a bit rude and totally unprofessional especially since I am a constituent.


Received this in an e-mail from"The People of Texas"
Please note that Texas is the only state with a legal right to secede from the Union.
(Reference the Texas-American Annexation Treaty of 1848.)

We Texans love yall, but well probably have to take action if Barack Obama wins the election. Well miss you too.

Here is what can happen:

1: Barack Hussein Obama is re-elected President of the United States, and Texas secedes from the Union in summer of 2013.

2: George W. Bush will become the President of the Republic of Texas.

Teacher Strike in Chicago
It seems to me that due to the recent failures of the unions to get their members support to fight the government - and the community support has waned big time due to the number of people who have become unemployed - including teachers, public employees, and massive private sector employees.  Who do they think would be sympathetic to their plight?  Definitely no one out there would support them because the economy can no longer sustain their demands.

“The President of Non-Specifics”

I.   Advantageous Ambiguity 
   In the President’s Weekly Address on March 10, 2012, Barack Obama stated, “You and I both know that with only 2% of the world’s oil reserves, we can’t just drill our way to lower gas prices – not when we consume 20 percent of the world’s oil. We need an all-of-the-above strategy that relies less on foreign oil and more on American-made energy – solar, wind, natural gas, biofuels, and more.” This rhetoric is superficially appealing, but the President’s claims aren’t entirely accurate.

Obama and Helping Drought Stricken Farmers

This is very interesting that Obama all of a sudden wants to help every state that experienced hardships of different kinds.  He makes his speech in Florida, finds the effect of NASAs closure, signs a law to give taxpayer $$$$$$$$$$ to Russia for our space exploration, then campaigns to help the unemployed in Florida who was affected by NASAs closure.  Then he is campaigning to stop the continued layoffs of teachers all across America.

9th Circuit Temporarily Blocks 20-Week Ban on Arizona Abortion Law

Why am I NOT surprised?
All I can ask our liberal judges is:  how bad would it be if we stopped the practice of killing a fetus that is 20 weeks in the womb?  Im just so flabbergasted that they would consider locking up a man or woman for animal cruelty but think NOTHING of killing an unborn baby that is 20 weeks old in the womb.  I just dont get it!!!  Did the justices in the 9th Circuit lose their common sense and sensitivity to human life when they get elevated to that bench?  This is just so immoral and so pathetic!  Why not just offer free sterilization to all those men who do not want babies or free tubal ligation for women who does this?  This really makes me sick!!!!

Democrats and Sandra Fluke

     The way the liberals would tell you, "conservatives do not care about womens health."  Really?  That is the one of the dumbest (just one...there happens to be thousands more)comment I have heard from the libeals.
     The conservatives care about womens health, but we also believe in personal responsibility. You have to behave responsibly with your own body. And if u want to have SEX, tell the guy to bring a is cheap (if he wanted to purchase it) and it is free!

Democrats and James Holmes

While the whole nation tries to make sense of what happened in Aurora, Colorado, I truly believe that the Democrats are celebrating this incident to further enforce a law to step up their agenda of controlling us - all of us - WE, the People.  What Fast and Furious failed to accomplish for them (Obama and the Democrats)... James Holmes is the new hero for the Democrat idiots in Congress and the White House. 
It truly is TIME to get rid of all of them if we are to hope to get this country back to its greatness.

Stealing Elections

How the Democrats do it:
While everyone is working overtime to ensure clean elections, the Democrats are out in full force with ACORN and SEIU doing their dirty tricks.  The reason behind Obama concealing everything that he is doing - from doing the budget to ramming bills down our throats.  That way, if it is not filed, then no one can check anything.  Were not so stupid Obama!
If you wonder why the Secretary of States do not want the voter rolls cleaned up is not just to make it easy to steal elections, it is to ensure that the percentage of required signatures to but a referendum in the ballot would be so high that there is no possible way there could be enough signatures gathered to get a bill overturned.


Try telling the unemployed that things are getting better.
Try telling the people who lost their homes that house sales are better.
Try telling the middle class who lost all their assets that we are on the right track.

Remembering NAFTA

NAFTA - North American Free Trade Agreement
I remember that during President Clintons term, liberals were HOT over getting NAFTA passed.  They tripped over each other on defending NAFTA...they were going crazy over it because it "was the right thing to do."  The lame stream media tripped over each other trying to help the public support it, because the Democrats wanted it.  (Right, Obama?)  They celebrated it, praised it, praised Democrats...then now, they are blaming Bush for the recession, because the jobs went overseas.

Fast and Furious and Brian Terry

Mr. President:  Fast and Furious is still a BFD. Wheres the TRANSPARENCY?! 
        Whether or NOT the documents are turned over, the people in charge have not done anything to find the truth about the death of Brian Terry. 
        So, what is Holder hiding?  What is Obama helping him hide?  And why is the DOJ not doing its job in investigating the Fast and Furious.  These officials are supposed to do their jobs to protect us.

ObamaCare is now a new ObamaTax

The middle class suffers when Obama creates more benefits that he wants to give to "his" people.  His Hollywood and filthy rich supporters dont care and the middle class (those who work hard and pay taxes) will bear the brunt of these additional taxes because the poor end up not paying taxes at all.  So, what is poor?  They are those who can hide their income AND they are those qualified to get every social benefit without having to pay for it.  So, middle class, prepare to say goodbye to your social status because you are considered "rich" as long as you work and pay taxes for politicians to demand more $$ from you to provide for everything or you will just join the ranks of the low income as well.

Selling Out America by Special Interest and Obama

Activists Take Out Frustration on ... Ronald Reagan
11:18 AM, Jun 22, 2012 • ByDANIEL HALPER
Mark Segal is a typical liberal who likes to blame other people for their actions.  People like him would spread falsehoods for other people to take NO responsibility for anything.
First of all, MARKY, President Reagan DID NOT have sex with multiple people and spread the HIV virus. 
Secondly, President Reagan DID NOT know anything about the HIV virus that was killing people.

2012 Elections and Fraud

The Democrats MUST be insecure and nervous that their candidate cannot win without cheating in the elections.  For the Department of Justice to sue a state for ensuring a clean election - something that they are supposed to do for the people to have faith in our elections, it is just completely astounding.  It shows a desperation on the part of Eric Holder to keep his position and power.  I have never heard of the Department of Justice suing the states over their legal rights to protect their constituents.

Elections and Voters

I have spoken to a few young people who are doing the right thing in not voting because they feel they do not know enough about the issues. I can respect that more than those who vote and guess their answers just like they do in their tests in school. I feel that NOT voting in this situation is much more responsible than guessing your votes, voting for the sake of voting, or voting a certain way because someone told you to vote that way. My question is: why is our government allowing young people, who cannot even take care of themselves, are still incapable of living on their own, who do not have the maturity or the common sense to make competent decisions on something as important as voting for propositions they do not know anything about or for candidates who may be the most incompetent and corrupt people in this country.

Student Loans and the Liberal Factor

Students who still like Democrats do not quite understand that shortly after Gov. Brown signed the bill allowing non-citizens to be eligible for state grants and the same tuition fees as citizens, he then increased the salaries of college professors. Then, to add insult to injury, he raises tuition fees across the board.  The students who voted for Gov. Brown must now realize that they were mistaken.
One thing that Obama did right after he became president, he pulled all student loans from private banks, and transferred the loans to ACS and is processed by ACS (whatever that is).

Sandra Fluke - Another Democrat Distraction Game

This whole Sandra Fluke Rush Limbaugh thing was planned to outrage him and get his response...and now Obama is prolonging it to distract people from Gas Prices, Unemployment etc....Get wise to this creeps game, people!
George Stephanopoplopuluspluasopasauss (or however the hell you say his name) also did it by asking Santorum about Contraception....Hammer the Dems on the Economy and Gas thats the only way to win the independents.
They are trying to distract from high Gas Prices.

1% Already Paying Their Fair Share!!!

Why is Obama crying for the 1% to pay "their fair share?"  They ARE already paying their fair share.  What we middle class folks want is for OUR taxes to be lowered.  If you say that the middle class is paying more than their bosses, then maybe we, middle class people, are paying too much!!!  Lower our taxes!!!  I say that working people, the taxpayers - whether middle income or low income - we are paying too much.  If you state and federal governments stop spending STUPIDLY, then the taxpayers will not have to pay too much.  Why dont we start with cutting your pay and wages, Obama, and for once - stay home instead of going on vacations just like we middle income people do because we can no longer afford vacations, dude!!!

Atheists are Nobody, Why Do Democrats Give In?

For as much havoc as the atheists in this country cause, it is a wonder why the liberals are totally supporting this group.  Why?  Is it just another one of their special interest groups that they want to bend over backwards to for their corrupt votes?  It makes me wonder since every single politician we have in office, during their campaign, actually claim to belong to some kind of religious order.  Why do the atheists (small group of nobodies) with these politicians while a majority of people from all over this country prefer to continue to profess faith in their religion?

Fallacious Rhetoric against the Tea Party & the Demise of Civilized Discourse”

“Fallacious Rhetoric against the Tea Party & the Demise of Civilized Discourse”
By David Pring-Mill
September 19, 2011
I.                   Slander against the Tea Party
   At the time of this writing, the current U.S. national debt is $14,699,021,631,213.05[1]. The nonpartisan CBO recently noted, “The $1.3 trillion budget deficit […] for 2011 will be the third-largest shortfall in the past 65 years (exceeded only by the deficits of the preceding two years).

Non-citizens Voting in Elections

Last year, I went home to the Philippines to visit my parents. While waiting for my flight at the gate, a friendly man picked up a conversation with me asking where I am headed to. I was going back to Los Angeles but he was heading to Saudi Arabia. He bragged to me that he was an engineer who gets hired to do projects from the U.S. but he would return to the Philippines to check on his property that he leases out to palm oil producers. He also bragged owning a restaurant in Chicago. That caught my attention.

Obama and His Arrogance

       The T rayvon incident is a travesty.  It could have been my son, my brother, etc.  But when you think about Zimmerman and what he is going through today, I have a sense of sadness for him as well.  He is as much a victim as Trayvon was.  Actually, I think that the two of them are victims of todays media, the victims of community leaders who use this incident as an opportunity to spew their hate and racial bias.  I dont see the Hispanic community rising up in arms.

Obama's Agenda

Obama is considering releasing oil reserves?  I guess there is an urgency to getting this done due to his Titanic-sinking polls.  Had he decided to approve the Keystone Pipeline project for a more permanent solution to several problems.  Instead he does a feeble attempt to prove to the public his concern about their finances and the environment at the same time.  Really?  There seems to be a systematic attack on our ability to manufacture products, (except GM cars of course) and ability to advance in technology.  Expressing satisfaction that "the economy is starting to turn around," but at the same time stopping projects and production of "hazardous products" like helium and water supply to farms and vineyards because of the "endangered" smelt, his actions are proving that his agenda is to demolish our way of life.  Create jobs that are government owned and run, and any other jobs will be owned and operated by cronies.  We are on our way to become a third world country, folks. 

H.R. 347 RS

I received a call from a good friend the other day and he told me that the House and Senate passed a Bill, H.R.347.RS. This Bill takes away your right to protest the government.  They quietly passed this Bill in the House and Senate then signed by Obama.  The Title of this Bill is Federally Restricted Buildings and Grounds Improvement Act of 2011.  Sounds reasonable?  This is what our politicians do...reasonable people would believe that this is okay, until you read the text of this Bill.


The Democrats are going crazy.  At this point, they do not know whether to support Obama or keep their distance.  Obama is losing support everywhere.  Why do I know this?  People are losing jobs, losing their homes, their lifetime savings, their pride and hope.  This victimized people from all races across the board.  Even union members who supported Obama are not voting for him because - well....they lost their jobs because the unions did not want to agree to pay cuts.

Assembly Bill 678

      This Bill is paying for emergency ground transportation services IF you are a QUALIFIED Medi-Cal recipient OR certain low-income persons.  Let me try to understand this.  If ObamaCare is deemed unConstitutional, why are states like California approving Bills that would enslave all California taxpayers with the responsibility of paying for services to certain low income persons and Medi-Cal recipients?  Mind you, I am NOT rich by any means but you and I will be paying for this.

Andrew Breitbart My Hero

Andrew Breitbart passed away last night.  His fight will live on in each Tea Party fight that he helped lead.  He is one of my heroes in this quest for political truth and freedom from corruption.  He is a true soldier to fight the ugliness in how our way of life has become so oppressed by liberal politicians.  The people who demand for their rights, use the
Constitution to take away the rights of others.  Breitbart is truly fearless in exposing the hypocrisy and the lies of our politicians, regardless of political party.  His legacy will always be shining through the decades to come.  We will really miss you, Andrew!  Rest in peace, my friend.  Help us continue the fight that you started.  God bless you, Andrew.  Your life has truly had meaning to millions!!!! 

Obama as President

I think about all the Bush-bashing that went on for eight years during his presidency and over three years of Obamas. I think about the reasons why the liberals still back up Obama in spite of what he has turned this country into the past three and a half years.  Obviously they MUST know, deep in their hearts, how bad a situation we are in?  Actually, not only America, but all the other countries that have followed our downfall.  I wonder why the European countries are going through a crisis.

Who is Obama?

Received this in my e-mail.  It has gone around many times but it is quite a revealing factor to consider in recognizing who Obama really is.  We all know him based on the company he keeps, the things he said AND did NOT say, his actions, and his biography that he claims he wrote.  I dont know who wrote this, but here it is:
Coil of Rage ~

When youve read to the end, come back and read this first paragraph again.

A Coil of Rage

The character of any man is defined by how he treats his mother as the years pass.

I-9s, Immigration, eVerify, and Obama's Flip-Flop

Democrats often come up with contradictory actions and plans.  First they want all illegals to become legalized in some fashion.  Next, they create new ways of cracking down on illegals…so what is it going to be? 
I know someone in Las Vegas that got detained by ICE, booked and stayed in jail for a couple of weeks…only to be released without bail.  So…what is Obama really after? 
I can only guess that it is his way of squeezing more tax dollars from the businesses that employ these illegals, even if they got the job with fraudulent papers.

Lee McGroarty for Mayor of Chino

Lee McGroarty has announced his run for Mayor of Chino. 
If any of you have attended any of our Chino Council meetings, you will understand why I am supportingLee McGroarty for Mayor.  If any of you have tried to do business with City Hall, you will understand my frustration with the bureaucracy that exists in our City government. I think Lee is the candidate that would bring back common sense in the way some things are done in the City.  I am not saying that everything they do is wrong, but some things are definitely wrong and needs to be tweaked.

Election Integrity Project

The San Bernardino Countydivision of the Election Integrity Project had some leadership changes and the computer and data base was compromised.  This was a big setback for the project.  They are up and running and have spent the last several months putting new systems and leadership in place.  Neighboring Riverside County has been very busy helping the Register of Voters to clean up the voter roles. At this point in the process, the focus is voter role clean-up statewide.  For those of you who have already completed the paperwork for volunteering, you should be hearing from the area coordinator in the next 10 days or so.
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