November 6, 2012 - The day America lost its soul. - About Us - Chino, CA
Chino Tea Party - Working together to bring America back to the people.
"Remember that a Government big enough  to give you everything you want is also big enough to take everything you have"  
-Barry Goldwater       
This logo was created for us by Richard Oropeza of OroMar Silkscreen and Printing  in Chino.
Richard is a TEA Party patriot and highly supports our values
and cause. 
I strongly recommend OroMar Silkscreen for your printing needs.  They also do embroidery for logos and other things.
We have grown in number from when we started back in April of 2010.  We have many in the community that are interested in joining the group.  If you do not have time to help or volunteer full time, we have so many needs that you may be able to assist with.  If you are willing to help, give us a few hours of your time on a regular basis or on a one-time basis, we would welcome you with open arms!!! 
Just contact us or text us at (909) 731-6101.  Or send us an e-mail.  If you want to be included in our e-mail list, send us an e-mail at  Thanks!
Please check out our Slide Show webpage. 
Dont forget to join our blog.  Tell us what you think or make a comment.  Please be civil and no insults in our Blog.  Thanks!!!
I am proud to present to you the first Chino TEA Party group. 
Sitting Left to Right:  Toni and Jeff Holle, Kitty Mikesell, Chris and Judy Alcala
Standing Left to Right: Linda LaPorte,  (me) Carmen Fructuoso-Canter, and my husband - William Canter
About Us
TheChino Tea Party is a grassroots movement with local organizers working in conjunction with other conservative organizations.  We hold meetings, rallies, and events to reach out to the community of like-minded residents.  We are tired of the out-of-control spending, the bailouts, the growth of big government, and soaring deficits.  We reject future tax increases to pay for all the spending.  We gather to deliver our message to our politicians: Enough!!!  We are taking this country back!  We ARE the people!!!
Core values: fiscal responsibility, lower taxes, free markets, constitutionally limited government, strong national defense, religious freedoms, and personal responsibility.
Chino Tea Party works in organizing events to spread the word and invite more like minded conservatives to join our group. 
Chino Tea Party is a non-profit organization and is currently operating out of donations from members, local businesses, and government representatives.  Our organizers work hard every day with the hope that our message can be heard loud and clear.  We will not stop, we will not bend, we will fight to get this country back. 

We are associated with:
California Tea Party 

Tea Party Patriots

Chino Tea Party Patriots
The Chino Tea Party was organized on April 25, 2010. 
Like most Tea Party organizers, I went into this trying to convince myself why
I shouldnt.  It is a lot of work, a lot of sacrifice, and a lot of patience and
understanding for others who do not agree with your views.  I still believe that,
even through disagreeing with liberals, you have to maintain your class and dignity. 
It is easy to lose it if they are aggressive and demeaning.  My advice to liberals is: 
there is no reason to act like thugs...we are all Americans wanting the best for
our country. We all want the American dream.  This country was founded
on hard work, sacrifice, good will, and honesty.  Everything that is good.  
But that is not to say that the fruits of our labor should be handed over to the
government to spend frivolously, at will, without restraint.  We are being taxed
too much already.  For those who say that we are not are probably making a 
ton of money, or are wards of the state and federal government. 
Enough of this entitlement mentality.  Enough of the enormous salaries and
benefits that our politicians get.  If the taxpayers have to tighten their belts,
make do with less, go green, not eat fatty foods or sweets...WE the People
expect them to set the example. 
We must act now and let our voices be heard. It starts in your local community.
It starts with our local politicians from the School Board, to the City Council, to
the State, and Federal Government. Those who believe that they have been
silenced and those who believe our politicians are failing us should get together
and organize to save this country.  If you think something is wrong, say something,
write to the newspapers, ask questions.  We ARE the People!
Join us!  You can do something.  You can help.  If you are ready to do
something, contact me at (909) 731-6101 or fill out the Contact form in
this website.  We hope to hear from you.
Carmen Fructuoso-Canter   
Please Type: CHINO TEA PARTY on the Subject line 
Founder of Chino Tea Party: Carmen Fructuoso-Canter
Original Organizers: Carmen Fructuoso-Canter, William Canter, Toni Holle, Jeff Holle, Chris Alcala, Judy Alcala, Gary and Linda LaPorte, Kitty Mikesell
Contact Information: or (909) 731-6101
Dr. Paul Chabot, Iraq War Vet and Founder of Stars and Stripes United, Inc.                   
The A-Team Tea Party Youth
Founder, Caleb Yee
Brent Morehouse, Author
Tea Party: The Awakening
David Spady, Media and Public Affairs Strategy LLC - Americans for Prosperity
John C. Martin, Partner with the firm of Lister, Martin & Thompson -
Joe Carey, President and founder of Radical Truth Ministry
Derek Lopez, ACT for America, Chino Valley Chapter Member
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