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"Remember that a Government big enough  to give you
everything you want is also big enough to take
everything you have." ~ Barry Goldwater  
Chino Tea Party meets every 2nd Saturday of the month
and we do the best we can to get a speaker to provide
information on their area of expertise. 
Marie Callender's Restaurant
9:00 am, Meeting starts at 9:30
5455 Philadelphia Street
Chino 91710  MAP
(909) 613-0434

If you wish to order breakfast, please be there by 9:00 am,
so there is time to place your order before the meeting starts
Meeting starts at 9:30 am. 

For more information, please call Carmen Fructuoso-Canter at (909) 731-6101,  
Bill Canter at (909) 374-9323, Chris Alcala at (909) 218-0884,
or Toni Holle at (909) 438-0370 
Dr. James E. Enstrom
Scientist, Epidemiologist, whistleblower! 
Dr. Enstrom has done more to fight SCAQMD than any other activist in California. 
Please support and pray for him. 
Dr. James E. Enstrom, Scientist, Research Professor UCLA has been conducting environmental epidemiologic research at the UCLA School of Public Health since 1973 and has been president of the Scientific Integrity Institute since 2005.  He will describe how activist environmental scientists have exaggerated the health effects of fine particulate matter and how these exaggerations have resulted in multi-billion dollar air pollution regulations that are hurting many California businesses.

Dr. Enstrom will explain the ongoing efforts to correct the flawed health effects evidence and associated regulations.  Dr. Enstrom earned his B.S. from Harvey Mudd College, where he was co-valedictorian of the class of 1965, and his Ph.D. from Stanford University,where his dissertation advisor was Nobel Laureate Melvin Schwartz.  He later earned his M.P.H. in epidemiology from UCLA.


The Unite IE radio show is on station KTIE 590AM every Saturday from 11:30am - 12:30pm.  The Unite IE radio show connects you with groups throughout the Inland Empire that are making a difference You will learn what people just like you are doing to restore sanity to local and state government.
It is hosted by the co-founders of Unite IE, Don Dix, and author/speaker John Hancock (last months speaker at our meeting) and John Berry, from the Redlands Tea Party.  The show is  interesting, informative, and inspiring.  It recently expanded from a half-hour show to a full hour.
KTIE590 logo copy
THE UNITE IE SHOWThe Unite IE radio show airs every Saturday from from 11:30am - 12:30pm on station KTIE 590 AM,  Unite IE is a conservative organization that helps you connect with groups throughout the Inland Empire that are making a difference.  You will learn what people just like you are doing to restore sanity to local and state government.
Unite IE
On foreign policy...
One reason why England did not join us against Syria is President Obama was a no-show at Margaret Thatcher's funeral despite being invited to attend and thus snubbing England's invitation as a representative of the American people.  Joe Biden also refused, as did Hillary Clinton. What a shameful display.
By the way, former Secretary of State George Schultz (R) went to the funeral.
The British took note of the fact that the Obama administration chose not to send a single senior member of the Cabinet.
In fact, no actively serving, elected Democrat attended Lady Thatcher's funeral.
The Obama Administration did, however, send a formal delegation of 14 to the funeral of Socialist Dictator Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez.
Need any more RED flags ?
A lot of people have no idea of what's going on and too many don't want to know the facts or the truth.
  • Misusing our troops to promote himself in his homeland-Kenya.
  • IRS - Targeting conservative groups by not approving 
applications for non-profit status ... denial and cover up.
  • NSA - IG Report - reporters harassed and unconstitutional tapping
of reporter's e-mails ... denial and cover up
  • OBAMACARE - a tax increase program that is unsustainable
and has caused businesses INCLUDING government agencies to lower
the hours their part-time employees could work to escape the IRS
penalizing businesses for not providing healthcare benefits to employees. 
What sounded like a great program is not doing our part time staff any
Abortions - Late-term abortion and the criminal act of some abortion doctors - 
no monitoring and no regulating Planned Parenthood and the abortion doctors.
  • COMMON CORE - the apparent takeover of the education system
by the Federal government.  Bill Gates producing an online education
program using laptops provided to students that will monitor their
facial expressions at to whether they are learning or engaged in
the subject provided to them by federal educators.  This is the 
INDOCTRINATION of our children ... not much different than what
the Germans did to their youth during the Nazi era. 
  • BENGHAZI - attack on US Embassy by Al Qaeda terrorists ...
denial, lies, and cover up with Ambassador and three security details
dead.  Someone ordered military personnel who wanted to respond
to the calls for help to "stand down."  No one including Hillary
Clinton is admitting to giving those orders and now the lies and
the cover up.
  •  FAST & FURIOUS - still no investigation into the deaths of
Border Patrol members who were killed with weapons sold to
Mexican cartel members.  No investigation into the killing of
innocent Mexicans at the border.  Lies and cover up by Eric Holder. 
Still no one is held accountable for the incompetence and failed
program. Program was used by Administration to tighten gun control.
  • IMMIGRATION - AMNESTY is not the answer to the immigration
problem.  With the shaky economy, adding millions of workers will
not help unemployment of Americans.  The release of illegals
from jail instead of deporting them is a disgrace and an insult to the 
American citizens.
  • AGENDA 21 - Sustainable Energy; CARB, AQMD, CEQA, EPA,
SCAQMD - CARB, sustainable communities - different names that
boil down to one program.  Agenda 21 is a UN program that is used
to regulate businesses and the American people to death.  Possibly
helped Gore to become filthy rich billionaire. 
Help make Congress form an investigative committee to investigate the
attack in Benghazi!  There is no time to lose.  It does not cost anything
to you, just a few minutes and you would be doing your civic duty to
protect your fellow man and do the right thing.
to your Member of Congress demanding the creation of a Select
Committee to investigate the Benghazi Terrorist attack.
Read the article here
October 26, 2012
                                   ELECTION INTEGRITY PROJECT
     Poll observers are still needed. If you have even just a few hours to
volunteer on election day, we need you! Please consider signing up for
training. We have training tonight in Chino at 6:30 pm and also tomorrow
in Chino at 10:00 am. You can either email me at
     If neither of these dates works for training for you, but you are still
interested in volunteering, let me know. We may be adding an additional
training date if needed. Thank you.
     Our volunteers during the primary election found numerous problems.
Our work is important and we could not do it without the help of our
volunteers.  Please consider donating whatever time you have to help out.
Toni Holle
San Bernardino County Coordinator
Election Integrity Project.
(909) 438-0370
News Alert
July 16, 2012
Gun confiscation is already happening in some areas of this nation.  They use
some kind of crisis to be able to confiscate your guns.  You've been warned.  Watch
more on YouTube, click here.
Rounds Of Hollow Point Bullets
 Best video ever!!!
We, The People
Uploaded by nospopulus on Feb 10, 2010
(Click on the photo)
Check out another video that tells you what is in the Healthcare Bill
(a.k.a. ObamaCare) that we know now that is in there.  It is really shocking what this
humongous Bill is set up to do.  I call it Democrat EntrapmentDemocrats plan to
enslave all of us for the good of the dictatorship and those who do not pay taxes,
including non-citizens.  We are not only losing America, we are losing every fabric
of freedom that our military fought and died for.  Only an enemy will wish this on us. 
Know the truth about this monster bill. Click on the photo to watch video:
The TEA Party is alive and well in California.  Our values of personal
freedom, constitutionally limited government, free markets, and lower taxes
are what we are fighting for.  Join in our efforts to unseat any and all big
spending/taxing politicians in this year’s election.
Election year - do your part, research the background of the candidates.  Do not vote for
someone who promises transparency and all that FUNNY stuff.  And yes - you can tell
a person by the company he/she keeps. 
Chino businessman, LEE MCGROARTY, announces candidacy for Mayor of Chino. 
Chino resident and businessman, Lee McGroarty, has announced his candidacy for
Mayor of Chino for the upcoming November 2012 election. Lee stated that his campaign
will focus on the economic challenges facing Chino and restoring Chino’s reputation as
a “city of opportunities” and a place for new job creation.  Lee McGroarty knows
finances, knows how to run a successful business, is genuinely concerned about our
community, and clearly states what he can do to improve our City.  Vote for Lee for
Chino Mayor!  For more information on Lee, e-mail
Please check for any upcoming events or events elsewhere.
Governor Jerry Brown State of the State Address 2012. 
You can read it in his website:
REMINDER: Please check the address of your polling place.
They may have changed. If you need help in this, contact me at (909) 731-6101.
City of Chino 91710-3860:
42nd Congressional District, Gary Miller
29th Senate District, Bob Huff
61st Assembly, Norma Torres
To find your Congressional Representatives:
To find your House Representatives: 
To get your 4 digit zipcode:
Election Integrity Project
Join the Election Integrity Project!!!  If you have time to
volunteer for this great organization, please contact us! 
Preserve our most valuable right.  Help us ensure clean elections in
Scroll below for more information or visit their website.
Sharon Angle - True the Vote, Texas
click on the photo to watch the video
Learn how the Democrats are ruining the election process.  Well, let's
put it this way..the Democrats are not alone in doing this, they have
ACORN (and its new invisible branches), the union thugs (not the
members...just the thugs), the ignorant who just follow what they
are told without verifying, and those whose votes can be bought. 
What a shame! This is what the Democrat supports...corrupted
elections, corrupt officials, and a corrupt government.
Preserve our most valuable right...
the right to vote!
If you feel secure in your jobs right now, sitting in your comfortable homes,
think hard.  Our economy has not sunk to the bottom yet.  If you believe what
Pelosi and Reid are saying that we are improving?  Think again.  No one is safe
but our politicians in Sacramento and Washington!!  Everyone is affected by
the the mistakes they make.  The only thing sure about our future is that we
will be forever be paying these numbskulls their huge salaries and pensions
with taxpayer money.  It is time for term limits in all political offices.  It is
time to get these corrupt politicians out of office.  It is time to clean up our
voter rolls. 
Get involved!!!  Visit the Election Integrity Project website at  We are partnering with the
Election Integrity Project to help with ensuring a clean election. 
Double-click on the photo above to go to the website.
KEEP Informed:  Find important issues on the following websites:
Some of the stuff you will see in these websites might not be what TEA
Party supports.  You will have to read and be the best judge.
League of California Cities:
State of California
The following websites are a must read:
California Tea Party Patriots
Tea Party Patriots
Political Pistachio:
Protect Our Kids Foundation
(Click on the banner/photo below)                                                          
website...there is a ton of information there as well.  Get involved. 
If you have time, your precious time is better served by 
getting involved fighting corruption in our government. 
Help clean up Sacramento and Washington DC!!! 
California's budget may weigh on DREAM Act
Watch more videos below!
Jerusalem - 4000 years in 5 minutes
Click on the photo and watch the video!
Click on the photo below to watch the video of this awesome rally!!!
The Obama long form "real" birth certificate is a fake
Click on the birth certificate and a
YouTube video created
by a techo wizard proves it.
The U.S. economy...What is it all about?
For most of us, we don't care. We don't understand it anyway.  We just look
up to our elected officials to fix the problem.  So far, the past 2 1/2 years have
proven that the Democrats flushed the country into the toilet.  For what? 
Votes and Power.  They will pander to everyone and everything to stay in power
and continue to destroy everything that we hold valuable and dear to us.  Our
rights, religion, family, and property. 
Uploaded by TheMouthPeace on Sep 30, 2008
Burning Down the House
by: TheMouthPiece
Obama Bombshell
Redistribution of Wealth Audio
The Housing Bubble -
Proof that George Bush did not cause the economy to collapse!
Click on the photo below.
Uploaded by NakedEmperorNews
on September 26, 2008        
This video is an informative look at
the factors that are causing our
current financial and economic crisis.
It discusses policy changes 13 years ago
that unleashed the sub-prime mortgage-
backed securities market, which 
accelerated prices erratically, inviting
speculation and loose lending practices
which were both condoned and encouraged
existing regulation and carried out by risk-blind executives and
Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.
Click on the text box to watch the video
How We Win This Debate:
Tell America To Google The Facts!
This is some good advice for anyone wanting
to wipe the floor with your debate opponent,
especially Presidential Candidates not owned
by Fannie Mae. Tell America where the facts
are...Google them!
Click on the photo!!!
Check out Douglas V. Gibbs' articles on his website regarding the birth
certificate issue:
Retire America Corp.
President CEO
Lee McGroarty, Candidate for Chino Mayor
(Click on the photo to read more on Lee)
Americans for Prosperity

In this week's common-sense video, David Spady discusses Governor Brown's
use of the DMV as a political pawn in his attempt to raise taxes on Californians.
(click on the photo to watch video)
Brent Morehouse, Author
"Tea Party, The Awakening"
(click on photo to watch the video)
Visit and you will be amazed at
the debt that has been accumulated.
Please support the following organizations:
Act for America 
Patriotic Resistance 
The Heritage Foundation
Wounded Warrior Project
Radicals Truth Ministry
Stars and Stripes United
USA Numbers
(The Federalist Papers consist of 85 essays outlining how this new government
would operate and why this type of government was the best choice for the
United States of America.)
(Not everyone wanted the form of government that the
Constitution would create.  These are   papers written to discourage the
ratification of the Constitution.) 
(A rather important document to conservative thinking folks,
not so much for the liberals and progressives.) 
(Amendments 1-10)
(Amendments 11-27) 
(A site that studies, blogs, and discusses the federalist Papers) 
Americal Center for Law & Justice
Add your name to the group of 22245 people who
have already signed using the Internet!
You already know that Planned Parenthood receives
more than $363 million a year in federal taxpayer
funding - money that frees up other funds for abortions. 
Planned Parenthood clearly doesn't need these taxpayer
dollars - Medicaid funds that could be freed up to go to
organizations whose goal is to help those in need, not
perform abortions.  What we are witnessing is an attack
on life - we cannot ignore it. Planned Parenthood, the
ACLU, and the Obama Administration are united against
the people of Indiana who have boldly done the right
thing, by refusing to use their federal taxpayer dollars to
fund abortion providers. 
Please do not support Susan G Komen Foundation
unless they stop funding Planned Parenthood.  They are
supposed to help education, research, and search for treatment 
for cancer...but they also donate part of the donations they
receive to Planned Parenthood. How can a foundation who raises
funds to help cure a terminal disease for cancer patients....
donate to kill babies? 
Especially abort babies in the most violent way? not take my word for your research. 
If you want to support cancer patients or research for treatment...
donate to the City of Hope.  Your money will go straight to the
research center/treatment center. 
Another great organization is Let It Be Foundation.
Visit the website and see for yourself what American Center for Law
and Justice are fighting for.  They are fighting hard to preserve our
Constitution. Support ACLJ today!
Stars and Stripes United
A white cross for every home throughout America!!
Buy one for your front yard. 
Click on the photo to get to the website.
Thanks to our very generous sponsor
4475 Eucalyptus Ave. #220
Chino, CA 91710
(909) 591-8117
Thank you for your support and everything you taught me,
Bob and Dan Austin.
Many thanks to Joe of 
His website has proven to be a great source of information on local news. posts information that you would not find in the City of
Chino Hills and City of Chino websites.  Not only that, Joe is a resident
who is passionate about the community. 
On a personal note, many thanks for everything you taught me, Joe. 
Carmen Fructuoso-Canter
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